Business Activities

GeMoCon GmbH is a non-OEM related, global acting company with an international Customer-, Supplier- and Partnerbase.

Within the AEROSPACE-Grouns-Support-Equipment (GSE) we are specialized in light-weight, high efficient Air Start Units (ASUs) and related Ground Support Equipment (GSE). Prime Airlines ( LH, KLM, BA, Quantas, Singapore Airlines, etc.) and Airports (FRA, HAM, BER, CDG, AMS, LHR, DFW, ATL, etc.) are utilizing GeMoCon´s ASU and GSE technology to ensure that Flight-Operation is running smoothly.                                  Related new equipment manufacturing, technical support, ´on-site´- field-service and aftermaket spares/repair support are key elements of our success. Our Exchange-/  Rental- Unit inventory guarantees 100% equipment availability for our client´s.    

Repair and overhaul of industrial and aerospace equipment, manufacturing of components, sub-assemblies and assemblies as well as for complex systems are served directly, while utilizing our specalized cooperation parner network as appropriate.

our goal

long-term cooperation for the benefit of all partners

GeMoCon GmbH


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